• Tomomi Imura
  • Sr. Developer Evangelist PubNub
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Tomomi Imura (@girlie_mac) is an avid open web advocate and front-end UX engineer, who has been in active in the mobile-space since before it was cool. She is currently working as a senior developer evangelist at a data stream provider, PubNub in San Francisco, to help developers by providing use cases and ideas with creative demos and technical articles.


  • Hardware Hacking for JavaScript Developers
  • Time: 11:15am - 12:00pm | Room: YBCA Forum
In the era of Internet of Things, connecting things to the mobile devices and web is becoming ubiquitous. You can control room light using your mobile phone. You can monitor your heart rate and weight on browser. Front-end developers like you already have skills to prototype software ideas, so why not prototyping the Internet of Everything?

In this talk, Tomomi Imura, a front-end engineer with no background in electrical engineering, tells how she got started with hardware hacking with JavaScript. The topics include types of microcontrollers, Hello World of hardware, Johnny-Five JavaScript robotics framework, realtime data pud/sub with PubNub JavaScript APIs.