• Tiago RomeroGarcia
  • Technical Manager Avenue Code, LLC
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Tiago Garcia is a Technical Manager at Avenue Code and Technical Leader at Macys.com, heavily interested in cutting-edge front-end technologies. He is Brazilian, but you don't need to be sorry for Brazil's takedown at the World Cup, that was well-deserved. The World Cup is over and talking about Backbone.js has been much more interesting ever since. You can check out his other talks at http://tiagorg.com and follow him on Twitter at @tiagooo_romero


  • Backbone.js Tricks or Treats
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
This talk explains some pitfalls, solutions and good practices for common scenarios in Backbone.js. In this talk the audience will learn about Marionette.js, React.js, Epoxy.js and Sinon.JS and how do they solve problems about performance, memory, productivity and code organization.