• Sean Liu
  • Founder & CEO APICloud
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Sean Liu, founder & CEO of APICloud, evangelist of the concept and technology of Hybrid Apps in China. He witnessed the transition of China's mobile Internet from value-added service era to the age of smart phones. Fousing on mobile app development platform in China and around the world, he has formed an unique opinion about the challenges for Web Apps and the development of Hybrid Apps. With APICloud, he successfully secured a $5 Million financing from Northen Light Venture Capital.


  • HTML5 & Hybrid App Innovation in China
  • Time: 4:05pm - 4:50pm | Room: YBCA Forum
As the factory of the world, China has a huge number of local smart phone manufacturers. Therefore, the fragmentation of mobile devices in China is much more serious than anywhere else in the world. Beside the well-known brands such as Samsung and Apple, there are hundreds of Android device manufacturers and many others that customize Android ROMs. In addition, skilled developers with the ability to build native apps are scarce. These factors have made app development much more complicated in China. What we really need is a way to build apps with good experience more efficiently and at a lower cost. In this session I will introduce the development of HTML5 & Hybrid Apps in China and how we can help solve the problems at hand.