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  • The real story behind JS performance in mobile web and hybrid apps… because science!
  • Time: 9:30am - 10:30am | Room: CJM Goldman Hall
In the last few years, PhoneGap and Apache Cordova have gained a lot of traction among mobile app developers. Using a shared codebase, JavaScript developers can build apps for iOS, Android and Windows using the same frameworks they use for the web. But mobile apps carry a different set of user expectations. Users expect “native performance” – i.e. slick animations, fluid page transitions, snappy load times and instant visual feedback for user interactions. I've talked with developers building some of the most popular control frameworks (e.g. Ionic, OnsenUI, KendoUI) to learn how they think about building performance into the mobile web and hybrid apps. In this session, we’ll learn from their experience and chase this elusive rabbit with all the tools at our disposal. We’ll answer:

1. By the numbers, what really constitutes “native performance”?
2. What pitfalls lead to poor JS performance in hybrid apps?
3. How can you avoid the most common performance pitfalls?
4. How can you use diagnostic tools to identify problems in your apps?
5. What design tricks can you use to get that authentic “native” look-and-feel?