• Ryan Anklam
  • Senior UI Engineer Netflix
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Ryan Anklam is a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix where is focused on reinventing TV and continually improving the user experience on the Netflix website. He has been developing for the web since JavaScript was mainly used for mouseover images and crude form validation. Ryan is also a passionate open source advocate and contributor.


he Node.js movement has transformed the landscape of UI development. In this session we'll look at how Node.js can be leveraged on multiple layers of the web application development lifecycle. Attendees will learn how incorporating Node.js into your front-end build process can optimize code, allow you to use use new and upcoming JavaScript features in your code today, and to improve your asset delivery pipeline. This session will also cover how Node is changing the template rendering landscape, allowing developers to write "isomorphic" code that runs on the client and server. Lastly we'll look into using Node to achieve developer zen by keeping the codebase clean and limiting the risk of changes to the code causing unknown errors.