• Rodrigo Fernandez
  • Senior Software Engineer WalmartLabs
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Rodrigo is a software engineer with @WalmartLabs in sunny San Diego. He coded for all sorts of languages, platforms and industries, but only wrote his first JavaScript program a couple of years ago. He is still fascinated about much room for learning and experimentation the Web platform continues to offer. Just because he is from Brazil, people believe he knows everything about soccer, samba and jiu-jitsu...


To measure is to know, said Lord Kelvin and we couldn't stress enough the importance of monitoring from the simplest website to very sophisticated applications. It helps us know how a system performs and how our customers are using it, so we can keep improving.

Many developers won't implement monitoring or opt for outsourcing it because they believe it is too hard to build or maintain. Let's debunk this myth and help them in their journey to becoming better full-stack engineers by owning and understanding a critical piece of their systems.

In this talk, we will demonstrate how developers can easily build a homegrown monitoring solution by leveraging the some of the new W3C APIs: Navigation Timing, Performance Timeline, Resource Timing and Beacon. We will check the latest browser support and polyfill when needed. Then, we will learn how to stream all that data down to a time series database, where it should be ready to be queried and analyzed.