• Parashuram Narasimhan
  • Senior Program Manager Microsoft
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Parashuram is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft Open Technologies Inc and works on many interesting open source projects including Apache Cordova and Chromium. He is a front end developer passionate about web performance and like to talk about performance practices at conferences. He is also a committer and a member of the Project Management Committee of Apache Cordova.


Testing and fixing the smoothness of your site's user interaction is painful and slow. In this talk, we'll look at creating a performance testing tool that automates a lot of the busy work, surfaces trouble spots, and gives you insight into probable causes.

Talk Structure
  • We will look at the process of using existing browser developer tools to identify code that makes a website jittery.
  • We will explore parts of this process that can be automated.
  • We will put our scripts together to create a tool that can be run on every commit to gather performance data.
  • We will finally generate graphs from the data that can point to exact commits that may have caused performance issues.
The audience will come away with strategies and tools to build a faster, more effective, and less painful workflow that will deliver consistently smoother user experiences and happier developers.

Training Class Writing responsive cross platform apps using Apache Cordova (Wednesday)
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