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Mike Northis a speaker, startup adviser, CTO of Levanto Financial, and CTO of a stealth mode startup. Previously, he was a UI architect in Yahoo's Ads & Data division, where he provided technical oversight and leadership for over a dozen products. Mike enjoys contributing to many open source projects, including those in the ember.js ecosystem, and has a passion for improving developer ergonomics.


  • Modern CI, CD and asset serving, for modern web UIs
  • Time: 9:30am - 10:30am | Room: CJM Classroom
Still using a “generic” CI pipeline to get your UI into production? This talk will identify and capitalize on some important characteristics of in-browser code, that will allow you to get features and fixes into production sooner (and more safely) than you ever thought possible. We’ll discuss:

  • multi-tenancy - having multiple apps served up by one asset serving layer
  • allowing a subset of your users to opt-in to a regression testing environment
  • feature “buckets” for A/B testing
  • previewing individual builds before users get their hands on them
  • zero-downtime deployments
  • handling cross-component dependencies properl