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Manuel Rego is part of the Open Web Platform team at Igalia, where he is currently working on the implementation of the CSS Grid Layout spec on Chromium/Blink and Safari/WebKit. He is commiter in both projects and has been working on new layout models (CSS Grid Layout and CSS Regions) and editing (selection) lately.

He is a co-owner of Igalia, an open source consultancy with expertise in browsers and client-side technologies. Igalia is a top contributor in key projects, including various Web browsers and JavaScript engines.


  • CSS Grid Layout from the inside out
  • Time: 1:30pm - 2:15pm | Room: >CJM Classroom
Layout on the web has been missing a proper solution for creating grid designs since the beginning. But this dark period is coming to an end with the new CSS Grid Layout spec. Grid layout is being implemented in every major web engine. The good news is that it will be hitting your browsers very soon.

During this talk we will not only review its syntax and main features, but also explain the internal details about what the browser has to do to render a CSS grid. After the talk, you'll be able to start playing with CSS Grid Layout, understanding the underlying steps involved, and provide feedback to the spec editors and browser implementors.