• Ken Struys
  • Engineering Manager - Webcore Yelp
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For the past four years Ken has been a full stack engineer at Yelp. During this time Yelp has seen incredible growth in its traffic and the size of its engineering team. He’s worked on rebuilding a significant number of pages on yelp.com including search, signup and the homepage. In early 2014 Ken started a web infrastructure team focused on keeping web developers at Yelp fast and efficient by supporting development of the internal web framework, the front-end service architecture, front-end deployments, and common tooling.


  • Scaling Engineering Teams with Frontend Services
  • Time: 9:30am - 10:30am | Room: YBCA Theater
Every company starts off with a simple web app that eventually becomes a huge monolith. In many cases the same application serves public web apps, private administrative web apps, backend mobile APIs, etc. As a team grows, the monolith doesn’t scale for the organization. Scaling backend APIs are solved with Service Oriented Architecture. The frontend community has barely scratched the surface using services to scale frontend engineering.

At Yelp, we’ve been going through the transition of splitting our monolith and we’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work to break up a frontend into a set of services. In this talk we’ll cover available open source tooling for packaging like bower/npm, build tools, tradeoffs building small and large frontend services, developer education and product/design support for moving to the services world.