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John Herren is Director of Product Design at Endgame, where he develops groundbreaking visualizations and applications for the US intelligence community and the corporate enterprise. John has developed for the web for over 15 years and was a pioneer and advocate in the API and mashup community. John's work in the mashup space has been referenced in books such as Yahoo Hacks, Business Driven Technology, Collective Intelligence in Action, and academic papers. John has been acknowledged for both his concepts and code from companies such as Google, IBM, Thomson Reuters and The New York Times, and covered online by Yahoo, TechCrunch, Wired, Read Write Web and Programmable Web. As former developer evangelist for Zend Technologies and six-time instructor at Mashup Camp, John has given talks at conferences such as OSCON, Linux World, the Red Hat Developer conference, the eBay Developer conference, and Under the Radar.


D3.js is no longer the new kid on the block, but still remains the weapon of choice of many for data visualization in the browser. Like most frameworks, there is a certain "D3 way" to follow, and deviation from that path is fraught with peril and frustration.

You know those sessions where you sit for an hour and pick up only one or two tidbits of useful knowledge? This is a presentation of just those good parts. I'll reveal the secret on how to think the "D3 way" and show practical work examples that illustrate both design concepts and implementation details specific to D3. I'll share some common dead ends, false starts, easy wins, epic fails, and ultimate triumphs.