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Jen Kramer jenkramer.org, O’Reilly Media/Harvard Extension School. For more than fifteen years, Jen Kramer has been educating clients, colleagues, friends and graduate students about the meaning of a "quality website." Since 2000, she has built websites that are supportive of business and marketing goals in a freelance capacity and as part of an agency. Jen is an O'Reilly Media staff author, creating new video training, mentoring other authors, and testing new video training technologies. Jen previously recorded video for lynda.com. Jen currently offers in-person and online courses through Harvard Extension School. She is also available for individual private tutoring, customized classroom training, and consulting. Jen earned a BS in biology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MS in Internet Strategy Management at the Marlboro College Graduate School.


Sass: The learning bridge between HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Many design students new to the programming world enter by learning HTML and CSS. As they make a leap to their first programming language, such as JavaScript, or a library like jQuery, many encounter difficulties, and some drop out of the web world entirely. Teaching resources for JavaScript aren’t necessarily presented with designers in mind — they are created for those who have a programming mindset, or they already know a programming language.

Sass, the CSS preprocessor, features data structures like if/else, loops, variables, and functions. Sass can be written in SCSS format, where the syntax is like CSS, but it must be compiled before sending to the browser. By introducing students to common data structures through Sass, the leap from Sass to JavaScript or jQuery is much smaller and smoother.

In this talk, Jen Kramer proposes a curriculum for easing design students gently into learning JavaScript or jQuery, or any other programming language of interest, by introducing data structures in Sass first.

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Training Class Responsive Design with Bootstrap (Wednesday)
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Training Class Roll your Own Responsive Design (Thursday)
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Training Class Intro to Sass (Friday)
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