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Garrett Nantz s Creative Director and Principal of Luxurious Animals, a digital content creation shop in New York. Under his leadership. the Animals have produced websites, commercials, mobile games, and transmedia campaigns for HBO, Panera, Adobe, Hasbro, San Diego Zoo, and yes, even Dolby. Since two of his passions are game development and sound design, the Animals are working on a follow-up to their award-winning Lux Ahoy game called Feisty Wizards that should be launching in the fall. When Garrett isn't directing, he is spending quality time with his amazing wife and two year old son who both tolerate his constant guitar playing and incessant need for word play.


The web stands as a ubiquitous, pervasive platform with unmatched access for digital entertainment. As HTML5, WebGL and VR fills the gaps between the flat, 2-dimensional experiences of old to bring flowing animations and immersive graphics, web-based audio has lagged behind until now. Using the first of what is expected to be several browser clients to support more engaging audio, Web developers have the ability to deliver premium audio experiences directly to users — no helper applications or plugins needed.

Dolby Senior Product Manager for web technologies, Todd Gehring, will explain how Web developers can take advantage of Dolby Audio in the browser and access the gold standard in audio. Todd will also explain how the format brings efficiencies to Web developers, enabling consistent high quality multi-channel audio playback across devices.

Then, hear how Garrett Nantz, Creative Director and Principal of Luxurious Animals detects browser capabilities, and delivers his audience the best audio experience possible in the ever popular HTML5 pirate mayhem game “Lux Ahoy.” Visit www.luxahoy.com with Microsoft Edge to hear for yourself.