• Daniel Khan
  • Technology Strategist Dynatrace Austria
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Daniel has over 15 years experience as full stack developer, architect and technical lead in the field of web engineering proving his strong problem solving skills in hundreds of projects. He is passionate about constant learning, using new technologies and sharing his findings with others. As technology strategist, Daniel focuses on driving support for emerging technologies like Node.js and MongoDB at Dynatrace.


  • Welcome to Mordor! Hunting Performance Issues and Memory Leaks in Node.js
  • Time: 2:30pm - 3:15pm | Room: YCBA Screening Room
If there is bad press about our favourite server side platform it is because of performance issues and how hard it is to track them down. Usually these problems are hiding during development but start to kick in under high load. Not good.

In my talk we will go through the "hall of fame" of Node.js performance problems and the error patterns behind them.

Then we will take a pleasant walk to "Mount Doom" ... this means we will learn how to create and decipher flame charts to hunt and understand memory leaks. By doing so, we will even look at some C++ code and get some insights on how Node.js is working internally.

After taking the hard road we will explore tools and techniques that help us to tackle performance issues more easily - even during development.