• Brandon Weaver
  • Infrastructure Automation Engineer Sony Network Entertainment International
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Brandon is an Infrastructure Engineer on the B.a.D.A.S.S (Build and Deployment Automation Support System) team at Sony on the PS4 team. He works in Rails and AngularJS.


  • You Type Too Much
  • Time: 5:05pm - 5:50pm | Room: YBCA Theater
You type too much.

Programmers spend too much time on repetitive tasks and typing when a majority of it could be automated, generated, or aliased away. This talk will cover tips and techniques for identifying, reducing, and in some cases completely eliminating unnecessary typing.

Join me as we cover command line aliasing, functions, yeoman generators, editor macros, and more tools that will help you avoid that dreaded discussion over carpal tunnel with your Doctor.

Let's spend more time solving actual problems than wasting it repeating ourselves all day long.