• Bharath Chakravarthy
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Bharath Chakravarthy is a passionate Web Developer and spend, practically, whole of his day working on HTML,CSS, JS based libraries. Usually, he is very curious to experiment latest technologies in Web, Mobility and Cloud and never leave a chance to hear out a new concept or points of view from experts.

Like many other enthusiastic web devs, he does his best to stay on top of UI technologies and keep an eye of market trends and shifts.

In addition, he is serving as a writer and a technical reviewer for several articles published on UISTREET Magazine

When he is not doing Web stuff, he plays league cricket in Los Angeles, enjoys travel, hiking and is a movie buff.


  • What's new in CSS4
  • Time: 11:15am - 12:00pm | Room: YBCA Theater
This would be a "sneak peek" into CSS4. I would talk about what's new and what's gone. How CSS4 going to be useful and what problems is it going to be solving?