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Aaron Ladage is a UI engineer for DEG in Overland Park, Kansas. He’s currently obsessed with creating faster, leaner responsive sites, and architecting front-end workflow tools and processes that help other developers do the same. Outside of work and freelance, Aaron is a cliché Kansas City BBQ snob and brews some really bad beer. He's the creator of inputtypes.com, a testing utility for onscreen keyboards, input types and validation patterns, and Yeo+Lab, a front-end website scaffolding tool, with his DEG teammates.


For years, front-end developers have turned to preprocessors like SASS and CoffeeScript to fill in the gaps in native languages like CSS and JavaScript. Although these tools have transformed and enhanced the way we write code, they've also forced us to work in nonstandard syntaxes, bouncing from one compiler to the next as we try to find the perfect build process. But what if there's a better way? Learn how postprocessors and transpilers can revolutionize your code and workflow. If the idea of writing CSS4 and ES7 code today without compromising browser support sounds like crazy talk, you're in for a wonderful surprise.