• Jafar Husain
  • Netflix

Falcor: One Model Everywhere

  • Chris Wilson
  • Google

The Web, Reborn

  • Michael Jackson
  • ReactJSTraining

React–Not Just Hype!

  • Matt DeBergalis
  • Meteor

Architecting modern JavaScript apps

  • Steve Souders
  • SpeedCurve


  • Doris Chen
  • Microsoft

Building Web Sites that Work Everywhere

  • Ken Struys
  • Yelp

Scaling Engineering Teams with Frontend Services

  • Frank Greco
  • Kaazing Corporation

WebSocket Perspectives 2015 - Clouds, Streaming, Microservices and the Web of Things

  • Peter Moskovits
  • Kaazing Corporation

WebSocket Perspectives 2015 - Clouds, Streaming, Microservices and the Web of Things

  • Stephen Preston
  • Autodesk, Inc.

Getting started with 3D Web

  • Jennifer Tong
  • Google

Prototyping the Internet of Things with Firebase

  • Jeff Burtoft
  • Microsoft

Distributing Web Apps in native app stores with ManifoldJS

  • Alex Liu
  • Netflix

To Err Is Human

  • Todd Gehring
  • Dolby

Creating Better Web Audio

  • Garrett Nantz
  • Dolby

Creating Better Web Audio

  • David Catuhe
  • Microsoft

Debug your Connected Devices with Vorlon.js

  • David Greenspan
  • Meteor

Upgrade your JavaScript to ES2015 (ES6)

  • Tim Messerschmidt
  • PayPal / Braintree

Node.js Authentication and Data Security

  • Brad Nelson
  • Google

When can I have Native Code?

  • Ryan Anklam
  • Netflix

Modern UI Development With Node.js

  • Sumit Amar
  • Electronic Arts

Web Components: Introduction and Practical Use Cases

  • Jen Kramer
  • jenkramer.org, Harvard Extension/O'Reilly Media

Sass: The learning bridge

  • Daniel Roesler
  • UtilityAPI

WebCryptoAPI Overview

  • Bharath Chakravarthy
  • Pro-Tek Consulting

What's new in CSS4

  • Jeremy Fairbank
  • Push Agency

ES7 and Beyond!

  • Jamund Ferguson
  • PayPal

ES6 for Everyone!

  • Kevin Nilson
  • Google

Bringing Web Content to the Big Screen with Google Cast

  • Tony Parisi
  • WEVR

WebGL: The Next Generation

  • Sean Liu
  • APICloud

HTML5 & Hybrid App Innovation in China

  • Demian Borba
  • Adobe

UX super powers

  • Tomomi Imura
  • PubNub

Hardware Hacking for JavaScript Developers

  • Brandon Weaver
  • Sony Network Entertainment International

You Type Too Much

  • Parashuram Narasimhan
  • Microsoft

Measuring web Perf ? Lets write an app for that !!

  • Daniel Khan
  • Dynatrace Austria

Welcome to Mordor! Hunting Performance Issues and Memory Leaks in Node.js

  • Gavan Wilhite
  • AltspaceVR

Using Virtual Reality and Three.js to build the Holographic Web

  • Ken Tabor
  • Sabre

Measuring the Mobile Experience: The Analytics of Handheld UX

  • Heitinder Singh
  • Pro-tek Consulting

Evolution of Javascript:- A Developer's Prescriptive

  • Aaron Ladage
  • DEG

“Post” is the New “Pre”: Using Postprocessors to Revolutionize Your Workflow

  • Rodrigo Fernandez
  • WalmartLabs

Monitoring for the masses

  • Mike Kivikoski
  • Cantina

Evolving Web Applications with Module Based Design Components

  • Mike North
  • Levanto Financial

Modern CI, CD and asset serving, for modern web UIs

  • Aaron Reisman
  • Hired

Deep Dive: CSS Architecture

  • Logan Smyth
  • Inkling

What is Babel and how do I use it?

  • Swizec Teller
  • swizec

Reusable data visualization with React and d3.js

  • Manuel Rego
  • Igalia

CSS Grid Layout from the inside out

  • leith abdulla
  • Coursera

How Automation Can Open Up Your Product to a Billion More Users*

  • Ryan Salva
  • Microsoft

The real story behind JS performance in mobile web and hybrid apps… because science!

  • Adonis Fung
  • Yahoo

A Novel Solution to Automatically Resolve HTML Compatibility Issues

  • Daniel Austin
  • GRIN Technologies, Inc.

NextGen Web Protocols: What’s New?

  • Tamas Kokeny
  • Lab.coop

JS and clean architecture

  • Jarrod Overson
  • Shape Security

JavaScript and the AST

  • Eli Mattson
  • Shape Security

Secure Peer-to-Peer Browser Communication

  • Austin Knight
  • HubSpot

Drunk User Testing

  • John Herren
  • Endgame

D3.js Pro-tips and Gotchas

  • Anton Pleshivtsev
  • Virool

The web of spikes

  • Pablo Farias_Navarro
  • Zenva

Separate Day Long Training

  • Freddy Rangel
  • HelloSign

Separate Day Long Training

  • Chris Griffith
  • Qualcomm Technology, inc

Separate Day Long Training

  • Tamas Piros
  • MarkLogic

Separate Day Long Training

  • Paul Dowman
  • OK GROW!

Separate Day Long Training

  • William Hoang
  • Couchbase Inc.

Separate Day Long Training