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JavaScript Programming Style and Your Brain, Douglas Crockford Yahoo, keynote. Computer programs are the most complicated stuff that people make. Computer programs must be perfect, and people are not good at that. JavaScript is one of our least perfect programming languages. But there are positive things that can reduce your error rate and enhance your beauty.

2D High Performance, Resizable, Cross Platform Games,, Ben Savage CEO Sibblingz, games keynote. Ben's team made what everyone wants in a 2d HTML5/Hybrid game engine called Spaceport. But how? Get an architectural peak behind the covers and how they pulled it off in this games keynote and the challenges cross platform games and apps face. The decisions are facinating, and Spaceport could be the HTML5 flash replacement and more.

JavaScript Cross Platform 2d Games Ben Savage. Example code and demo overview session for various Javascript/HTML5 and Hybrid 2d game approaches. Examples writting using Sibblingz Spaceport. Notes on Performance comparisons of various approaches as well as canvas graphic bitmap vs SVG strategies. The Future of JavaScript David Herman, Mozilla. The fifth edition of the ECMAScript standard was finalized in December of 2009 and is beginning to ship in mainstream browsers. But Ecma TC39, the committee in charge of standardizing JavaScript, has simultaneously been working on the next edition for several years as well. In this talk I will describe some of the new features we have planned for the future of JavaScript.

High Performance HTML5, Steve Souders Google. For years we built web apps that far outpaced the capabilities of the browsers they ran in. Just as the browsers were catching up HTML5 came on the scene - video and audio, canvas, SVG, ApplicationCache, Web Storage, @font-face, ContentEdible, WebSockets, Web Workers, and more. Now the browsers are racing to stay ahead of the wave that's building as developers adopt these new capabilities.

Is your HTML5 app going to ride the wave or be dashed on the rocks leaving users stranded? Learn which HTML5 features to seek out and avoid when it comes to building fast HTML5 web apps.

HTML5 the 30,000 Foot Overview Updated, Peter Lubbers, Kaazing. Some of us would bet money that noone gives a better high level overview of HTML5 than Peter Lubbers, author of Pro HTML5 Programming. The session included an HTML5 feature overview and specifications, demos, Q&A and Peters view on where the technology is headed

Frank Greco, Director of Technology, Americas at Kaazing Corporation, Cloud Fireside Chat. Managing technology at a company well respected for it's WebSocket technology. Frank will give his perspective on upcoming trends in the cloud.

Executive Jason A. Hoffman, Co-founder and Chief Scientist Joyent, Cloud Fireside Chat. Jason is one of the foremost minds in the world in cloud technology and his company Joyent is a primary contributer and creator of node.js. Jason will share his enlightening views on the current trends.

Principal Josh Elman at Greylock Partners, previous Program Manager Facebook Platform and Product Manager Twitter, Fireside Chat. Special industry fireside chat with one of the rare people who has been a manager for the two most well known social networks in the world. Find out what his thinking is on how the future looks for these platforms and new offerings from them such as project spartan as well as new kid on the block Google+

Executive Peter Relan CEO Crowdstar, CEO YouWeb and Exec Chairman of Sibblingz and iSwifter, Fireside Chat. Special industry fireside chat with one of the finest minds in investing and industry strategy and a veteran of building games on facebook and mobile. Why is he interested in HTML5?

Hands on Jquery Mobile, Sidney Maestre, Paypal. The jQuery JavaScript library is extremely popular among developers for simplifying how we build web applications. jQuery Mobile takes it to the next level by providing a unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms. In this session, we’ll cover how to structure your mobile application, touch events, helper methods and working with data. We’ll build a mobile app using jQuery Mobile toolbars, buttons, form elements and list components. You’ll leave with a solid foundation for future jQuery Mobile projects.

CSS Animations, Michael Mullany Interim CEO Sencha. Animations are built on top of CSS Transforms and Transitions, and provide a keyframe-based animation technology for web page animation. In this session, Michael will cover the elements of CSS transitions and transforms and the state of their implementation in current browsers. Then he will move into CSS Animations and show the mechanics of creating timelines, animation nestings, performance optimization and more. He will also compare and contrast CSS3 Animations with SVG based animations.

Intro to node.js, David Kordsmeier founder Razoortooth Communications. David will do a session on Getting started with Node.js. What is Node.js? Server Side JavaScript. The reasons for choosing Node to build apps — especially low-latency, real-time apps — are increasingly compelling. David will introduce you a technology that warning, can be addictive.

A Practical Application of node.js, Francois Laberge, CIO Brass Monkey. Can't get enough node.js? Francois has experience in building both platforms and games with node.js. Francois will dive into a practical application of node.js using JavaScript API game controllers. In the process He'll also touch on the various helper libraries he likes to architect with.

JavaScript Box2d Physics Library, Seth Ladd, Google Chrome Team. Seth will be presenting a session on the JavaScript port of Box2D open source physics engine for use with games and apps

HTML5 Features with emphasis on Canvas and SVG, Doris Chen, Microsoft. Doris will take a deep dive into HTML5 to answer what is the real potential of HTML5 using CSS3, Canvas, SVG, Video, Audio, and JavaScript. SVG and Canvas will be emphasized.

Making Waves: A Primer in Pure JS Generated Audio Max Goodman, Reddit. This talk will demonstrate a method of dynamically filling audio tags by generating raw base64 wave data URIs on the fly. We'll then discuss and implement some simple audio synthesizer techniques, and use them to generate live iterative music. Along the way, we'll also talk about the science of sound, Mozilla's extended audio API, HTML5 games, and cool things people are already making with dynamic audio in JS.

Creating Cross Platform Games with PlayN Lilli Thompson Google. PlayN is a game library that allows developers to write and debug in Java, and simultaneously target HTML5, Android, and Flash. Learn to use the framework to create new games or to port existing game code and libraries. PlayN not only provides code sharing across platforms, but provides a framework for integrating with In App Payments, publishing the the Chrome Web Store, and adding Google+ +1 buttons.

3D Intro to HTML5 Game Programming - WebGL Edition James Williams Co-Creator Griffon Project. Author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, Based on OpenGL ES, WebGL brings the 3D world to the browser without any plugins. For the first time, the browser has access to a powerful graphics pipeline comparable to what is available on the desktop and in some cases can leverage the GPU. Innovations like requestAnimationFrame which helps the browser to intelligently and efficiently redraw the canvas helps to blur the line between desktop and browser based casual games. In this session, you’ll learn the basics of game programming, WebGL, and how to create games using libraries from the WebGL ecosystem.

HTML5: All about Web Forms Estelle Weyl, Standardista. HTML5 Forms. HTML forms have been the bane of web developers for years. Not anymore! With HTML5 you may learn to love forms. Imagine a day when you can validate a form without any JavaScript. Date pickers, place holder text, pattern matching, required fields, auto focus, error handling, all without JavaScript? That day is not as far off as you think. In this session we’ll discuss new to HTML5 form input types and attributes. We can’t promise that you’ll love creating web forms, but you will gain a new, exciting appreciation. We’ll learn all about creating dynamic web forms with form validation without the use of javascript. Topics covered include:

  • The new HTML5 input types
  • Controlling what keyboard types gets displayed on touch keyboards, including the iPad and iPhone,
  • Placeholder Attribute: Adding native placeholder text and clearing on focus
  • Native form validation: Error messages with no javascript
  • Date & time input types: The jQuery datepicker, without jQuery.
  • Providing focus to a form element, including focus on invalid input without javascript.
  • CSS & Forms: Stylizing form elements based on current states of required and invalid
  • Pattern attribute – Pattern matching for form input: with regular expressions and no javascript
  • element and list attribute- providing autosuggest on inputs, again no javascript.

Browsers are beginning to support HTML5 web forms. In this session we’ll learn how to implement them.

Angular, a Framework for Web Applications Miško Hevery, Google, an author of Angular. A quote on Angular -- "Angular is what a HTML would have been, had it been designed for web-applications. Angular allows you to extend the HTML vocabulary, have proper business-logic / presentation separation through bidirectional data-binding, declarative application assembly through dependency-injection, and testability story like no other framework. Angular is a fundamentally different way of building an AJAX app." Take advantage of learning about Angular directly from Miško.

WebKit in Your Living Room Matt Seeley, Netflix. Netflix delivers highly dynamic WebKit based UIs to televisions, game consoles and Blu-ray players. Matt will discuss fluid animation with hardware acceleration; achieving high framerates using accelerated compositing; responding to constant user input; as well as balancing strategies for best performance on over 450 high-end to low-end devices.

Building Killer Apps for 4G/LTE Networks Alex Gaber, Alcatel-Lucent. Every once in a while a new technology changes the game. Some benefit from it while others fail to adapt. Long Term Evolution, or LTE for short, is on surface just yet another fast wireless standard bringing us faster mobile networking. But just like the freeway was much more than just a faster road, LTE actually has a chance to change the rules for app developers and create new possibilities.
In this talk, you will learn what LTE is. We will explore it from application developer's point of view. By the end of the talk, you should be able to identify the opportunities for new applications as well as how to take advantage of new capabilities in your existing apps.

YUI for Mobile Gonzalo Cordero, Yahoo. Wondering about YUI mobile? Come and find out! In this talk we'll explore YUI's support for mobile devices, built upon our uber-modular infrastructure and with platform-independent HTML5 technologies. We'll also show some real life examples of mobile apps powered by YUI.


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