Tony Parisi is an entrepreneur and career CTO/software architect. He has developed international standards and protocols, created noteworthy software products, and started and sold technology companies. Tony’s passion for innovating is exceeded only by his desire to build great products. Tony is the co-creator of the VRML and X3D ISO standards for networked 3D graphics, and continues to innovate in 3D technology. Tony is the co-chair of the San Francisco WebGL Meetup (, a founder of the Rest3D working group ( and a member of the Khronos COLLADA working group creating glTF (, the new file format standard for 3D web and mobile applications. Tony is also the author of O’Reilly Media’s books on WebGL: WebGL Up and Running (2012), and Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL (2014). Tony is the founder of Vizi, a San Francisco-based interactive agency developing 3D applications for web, mobile and the new generation of virtual reality systems.


  • Hacking Reality: Browser-Based VR in HTML5
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
Virtual reality hardware systems like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and others have made the decades-old vision of low-cost, immersive VR a reality. Millions of units are in production, and projected to be sold in 2015 and beyond. And developers are flocking to this amazing new medium - some to kick the tires, others to maybe get in on the next startup land grab. So far, most of the cool demos are happening in native applications, packaged as big downloads, and built using proprietary software tools.

Cool! But why let Unity and Unreal devs have all the fun? Today’s HTML browser does virtual reality, too. The nightly builds of Firefox and Chrome support stereo 3D rendering of WebGL and CSS3 content, as well as the head tracking APIs and advanced inputs required to create fully immersive VR experiences. In this session we’ll take a look at the state of browser support for VR, and explore the software stacks being used to build applications, including Three.js, Tween.js, the GLAM 3D tag set, and 3D content creation tools.