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  • Mobile Engineering Manager Groupon Inc
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Swati Raju is an engineering manager on the mobile team at Groupon and joined Groupon in 2010. She is also the first female engineer to join Groupon. At Groupon, she started the mobile web initiative, which has since grown to serve a sizable mobile audience across 25 countries worldwide. Swati has authored twelve patents and came to Groupon by way of Yahoo! and Mob.ly. Swati has previously spoken at Mobile+Web DevConf 2014, women's leaders meetups and co-presented at CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) 2007.


  • A world of multi-device, multi-platform mobile ecosystem
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
The conversation is no longer about mobile web vs mobile app, Android vs iOS, but about how to leverage each device and each platform's individual nuances to create a multi-device, multi-platform product ecosystem.

What does it take to build a successful product and what does a product need in order to be “sticky”? This presentation addresses these questions through the learnings of the past four years of offering inclusion for everywhere, everyone,…and every device at Groupon.

Underlying this is understanding the key behaviors of users on each device. For instance, a mobile website might get a lot of first time users whereas a mobile app might tend to have a more loyal repeat-user base. This means on mobile web finding ways to minimize the effort, be it by eliminating unnecessary logins or distracting functionality, may play an important role.

This presentation will consider the key factors that ensure the success of the device/medium individually and within the larger ecosystem.