• Sumit Amar
  • Director of Engineering Electronic Arts
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Sumit works at Electronic Arts as a Director of Engineering in Digital Platform team and leads the cloud implementation and automation. Before coming to EA, he spent 9 years in Microsoft as developer/architect/manager, optimizing several Microsoft products for performance and usability, including adCenter (now Bing Ads), Bing Shopping, Microsoft.com, Dynamics ERP, and Cloud TV (Mediaroom). He has worked in Microsoft Redmond, Vancouver, Copenhagen, and Silicon Valley campuses. He received his MBA in IT and Systems in 2002 and is currently working on his dissertation for PhD in Computer Information Systems


  • Fast and free CDNs using WebRTC stack
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-130
Commercial CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) allow storing static content in various locations across the world which allows faster access to such content based on the location where the web request is initiated from. If you think CDN are useful but don't have budget to invest in them, you are in luck. WebRTC technology stack allows real time, peer to peer communication between web users without the use of plugins. Most prominent use cases is multimedia conferencing, however, this talk focuses on data communication between the web users based on WebRTC DataChannel.