• Stephen Woods
  • Senior front-end engineer Yahoo
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Stephen Woods is a Senior Front-end Engineer at Flickr. He has been developing user interfaces for the web since the end of the last century. He has worked at Yahoo! since 2006. Before Flickr he developed JavaScript platforms that supported the Yahoo! Home page and worked on the UI team at Yahoo! Personals. He's an expert with the full web stack, but his primary interest is making responsive user interfaces with web technologies. Stephen has spoken at SXSW & HTML5DevConf about touch interfaces, and been published in .net magazine.


  • Lessons and Learnings: Moving to NodeJS
  • Time: TBD | Room:
As a senior front-end developer at Flickr, Stephen Woods wills share lessons and learnings from Flickr's recent move to NodeJS and building an isometric platform. Stephen can also give details about what Yahoo has done with Flickr in front-end read-write.