• Stefan Thomas
  • CTO Ripple Labs Inc.
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Stefan Thomas is the CTO of Ripple Labs, the organization that built the Ripple protocol. Mr. Thomas is also the producer of the popular 'What is Bitcoin?' video and found of the largest website for novice Bitcoin users, WeUseCoins.com. He created a set of open-source Bitcoin libraries called BitcoinJS, which today are maintained and used by Bitcoin businesses of all sizes.

Now at Ripple Labs, his overarching motivation is to weave a global value web, by making it easy for the gamut of developers -- from individual entrepreneurs to financial institutions -- to build on Ripple.


  • Server forever alone? Building the decentralized web
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-134
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a form of public decentralized databases. Decentralized systems are very robust and a great building block for applications, but a database alone is not that useful.

We recently announced Codius (codius.org), an open-source toolkit for implementing distributed backends in Node.js, Python and more. They can interact with any database, be it Bitcoin, Ripple, Postgres or Redis.

In this talk, Stefan explains how to build decentralized webapps with Codius and what the future of the decentralized web might look like.