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Smith Schwartz is a former museum experience designer and digital nomad. She currently lives in San Francisco and is an Interaction Designer at Say Media, building the future of web-based publishing.


  • Well-Designed Development: Sass for Engineers
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
It's not uncommon for back-end engineers to outnumber web designers and front-end devs 5 to 1. So, how do we as maintainers of front-end architecture help unruly coders fall in line when they write Sass files? We start by laying out straightforward and precise internal guidelines and style guides, then make sure to communicate these clearly and effectively all while keeping in mind the ultimate goal: building stronger teams that understand the many aspects of the project, styles included. We may not always be able to get engineers to notice when the whitespace is off, but hopefully we can keep them from appending crap to the bottom of every style sheet willy-nilly. In the end, we hope to get everyone excited about Sass that compiles to clean, coherent CSS that makes everyone’s day a little bit brighter.