• Seth McLaughlin
  • Senior Software Engineer Shape Security
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Seth is passionate about all aspects of testing and good software development practices. While at LinkedIn, he founded and led the Venus.js JavaScript testing tool project. Seth now works on browser technology for Shape Security, a fast growing security start-up dedicated to protecting the web from malicious bots.


  • Join the dark side: Selenium testing with Nightwatch.js
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-132
There are many libraries and tools available for writing Selenium tests. Unfortunately, until recently there have not been good options available if you want to implement your tests using JavaScript. Nightwatch.js aims to solve that problem, by providing a robust solution for writing and running Selenium test automation. This tool runs on Node.js and is growing quickly in popularity, with over 1,500 stars on GitHub and an active development community. In this talk we will explore the capabilities of Nightwatch, and specifically answer key questions around debugging, abstraction using the page object model, reporting options, and more. An in-depth demo will also be shown to give attendees an introduction to setting up and using the tool.