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Sean Cannon is a veteran web application developer with 15 years of industry experience including website, database, e-commerce, and analytics development. He has extensive experience developing on the LAMP stack as well as modern infrastructure such as Angular, Node, Mongo, and Redis for clients including The Permanente Medical Group and Symantec.
He began pursuing web development in 1998, venturing into the cgi-bin world of Perl and flat file databases to provide dynamically-driven content, and then moving on to PHP and MySQL driven sites. He studied E-Commerce at Brown College while also serving in the Military Police Corp Reserves; 79th MP Co in Rochester, MN. Sean was recruited to QuinStreet where he led the front-end development for educational sites such as schools.com, interfacing with the Java team to streamline their service infrastructure. Prior to joining Presence, Sean also spent time at Dictionary.com where he oversaw the ad bidding services infrastructure.


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