• Sarah Drasner
  • Senior Interaction Designer Fauna Inc.
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Sarah is a Senior Interactive Designer at Fauna, Inc. Sarah is the former Head of Design and Front-End Development at Basho, creators of Riak. At Basho, she increased lead generation by 75% through design improvements and managed all branding and visual communication. Previously she was a lead developer for the design studio Waxcreative, and has worked as a designer and developer at UCSF and the Field Museum in Chicago.


  • Creating Complex Interactive Animations with SVG, and CSS, and performant JS
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
Designing a visualization or animation has to take into account many factors: communication, design, responsive development, and backwards compatibility. There are a variety of new tools that are now being supported. We will look particularly at SVG, VelocityJS, Canvas, and SkrollrJS to see the benefits of each and when they can be used in conjunction. We will evaluate which tool to use depending on what User Experience concerns are the most important to the project.