• Rocco Balsamo
  • Sr. Software Engineer Gliffy
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I'm a console game developer turned HTML5 2D graphics expert. I have 10+ games under my belt, including critically acclaimed titles from the Rock Band series. More recently, I've been working at Gliffy Inc, developing an HTML5 diagram editor for the cloud.


  • Thinking 2D to learn 3D
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-130
3D graphics are sexy but difficult to pick up as a beginner. You need to set up cameras, projection matrices, and viewboxes. You need 3D models, and you probably need to know a shader language, some WebGL and some wrapper library like three.js. This talk aims to simplify all that by looking at simple 2D graphics transformations as a foundation for learning 3D for the web. It's the class I wish I had in college. We'll go over CSS transformations, 2D matrix math, linear interpolation / animation, and the Google Closure graphics library. We'll touch on the lightning fast animations with the new W3C spec for the web animations API http://dev.w3.org/fxtf/web-animations/. The talk will commence with coding of a simple asteroids game or something of that nature.