• Rich Trott
  • Web Developer UC San Francisco
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Rich is a software engineering generalist and all-around web guy at the University of California. He also makes pizzas and writes rock operas about steakhouses. He has an unhealthy fascination with musician sessionography data and spends time writing web-based visualizations of that data. You should totally say “hi” to him on Twitter (@trott) and follow him on GitHub where he currently has a 300+ day streak of contributions because gamification is ridiculously effective on him.


  • Curing Cancer With HTML5
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
Well, OK, not quite. But we do have vast numbers of medical and public health researchers looking through large quantities of data. And modern frontend web technologies help us help them find what they are looking for faster and easier than ever before. We'll talk about our UX testing results and how it affected our interface and technology choices.