• Reintjan Hoiting
  • Senior Software Engineers AppMachine
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Matthijs have been working at the AppMachine platform since the beginning. As mobile and web developers they have been making sure the AppMachine's platform solves a lot of things developers encounter while building apps.


  • Making cross platform app development more fun with AppMachine
  • Time: TBD | Room: N-120
AppMachine reduces development time for creating apps for native and mobile web platforms by providing a powerful framework that integrates design, web services, and business logic. This allows developers and designers to create apps in a fraction of the time and at fraction of the cost of native development.

AppMachine’s lead engineers will show the process of building apps, adding your own data using web services with support for all kinds of authorization, like OAuth. They'll show you how to add the most common app functionality with just a few clicks, then add your own functionality using JavaScript and the AppMachine SDK. The SDK enables you to deal with security, audio playback, navigation, styling, and much more with just a few lines of code. And when you're done, you can sell the things you’ve built to the AppMachine community of 140,000 users to help other people build apps even faster and more easily.