• PJ Onori
  • Director of Design Technology Waybury
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P.J. Onori is a partner at Waybury and design technologist with nine years of professional experience. P.J. recently helped create Iconic, a next-generation icon set. P.J. has worked for companies such as Adaptive Path, Method and Current TV and worked with clients including the United Nations, Samsung, Adobe, TED.com and Foodspotting. P.J. is a vocal advocate of open source and its important role in society. He blogs about design and technology at somerandomdude.com


  • Web Native Iconography - New approaches for richer communication
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-130
Icons are the native language of software. Ironically, while software has been moving at a break-neck pace, the lexicon of our icons and the way we display them have been stuck in neutral. In an era of shrinking screens and a shrinking globe, icons will play an increasingly important role in our interfaces. This talk explores why icons are so vital in tomorrow's interfaces and how we should be thinking about them and making them differently.