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  • Senior Javascript Ninja Solpeo
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Many years ago, I started programming in Javascript, first as a hobby but it evolved into a fulltime job. I was always interested in games, so I joined Solpeo in february 2010. During these few years, we developed a HTML5 Game Engine that was extended into a multiplatform tool for developers.


  • Holy Grail of portability - Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere
  • Time: TBD | Room: N-120
The talk will be about designing javascript API for multiplatform purposes. I want to share our expierience of creating such an application, which is based on HTML5 (Canvas) and QML (Qt) technologies. Our goal is to make it possible to deploy one code on as many platforms as possible without any adjustments. By now, we are able to use one code in Web (Browsers), Native (mobile apps) and Desktop (standalone applications). I want to focus on problems we encounter during development and underline our solution.

Plan of this presentation is below:
1) What does multiplatform really mean ?
2) How to design good API ?
3) Limitations of multiplatform API
4) Demos - live examples