• Pierre Lermant
  • Enterprise Architect Akamai
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Pierre is an Enterprise Architect at Akamai Technologies, specialized in improving the performance, availability and operations of customer-facing web applications. He honed his web performance skills at Yahoo! by leading the front-end and back-end development teams of the www.yahoo.com home page. At Akamai, prior to his current position, he managed the release & operations of the company’s main customer facing portal, and had accountability for its security and availability.


  • Website content performance modeling
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-130
The time it takes to download http resources is a corner stone of a website performance, and ultimately user experience. In this presentation, we review the different network and system setup variables that affect the speed at which each piece of dynamic content gets fetched from a client (e.g. browser) , and explain their relative impact. By leveraging the massive web traffic seen on the Akamai platform, the existing literature and the typical website properties listed at httparchive.org we present a performance model both simple and comprehensive. In particular, we share empirical data for the middle-tier observed RTT, which is one of the main factor impacting download latencies over long distances. To illustrate the model via a web-based chart, we plot the expected performance against the distance client-origin, based on a key set of parameters. It will allow its users to better understand what variables really matter and take actions to improve their website performance.