• Pete Hodgson
  • Consultant ThoughtWorks
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Pete is a Principled Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He helps teams get more awesome at delivering maintainable software at a sustainable pace, using agile practices like test-driven design, pairing and continuous delivery. After horrible experiences with javascript in the early 2000s Pete saw the light and fell in love with this quirky little language while leading a team building a pure-JavaScript single-page mobile banking application. He was also an early contributor to the Calatrava framework.


  • different.js
  • Time: TBD | Room: N-120
You could learn about yet another API or framework, but the way we really level up as developers is by seeking out ways to view our programming problems in a different light. Let’s expand our programming minds by thinking about how we can use javascript in experimental and unusual ways. Can we write javascript without ever using the ‘this’ keyword? Would we want to? Can we write javascript without sharing mutable state? Would we want to? You might not leave this talk with code examples that you’ll apply to your production code tomorrow, but you’ll leave with a different perspective and a new way of thinking about how JavaScript can work.