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Patrick Gunderson is a Creative Technologist with Tool, working on projects where code and art intersect. His generative artwork, and data visualization have been featured by MIT, and The Creator's Project, and he was named one of the '21 Heros of Data Visualization' by Business Week. Patrick has two officially recognized Chrome Experiments for his interactive artworks Ablaze and Silkbrush. His specialities include Javascript, jQuery, Backbone.js, MVC, PHP, Flash, and Actionscript.


  • Generating Real Time Imagery Using HTML5
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-132
Using HTML5 on the front AND on the back end to generate imagery. This allows for imagery to be generated on the front-end in real-time, and simultaneously used the same code to create a sharable image, on the back-end. Here is an example of a recent project that was produced and can be used as a “making of” example - http://www.nissanusa.com/passiongenome/