• Nicolas Grenie
  • Developer Evangelist 3scale.net
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Recently graduated from a french Engineering School in Computer Science, I joined 3scale a year ago to become their first Developer Evangelist. I discovered the API world during when first trip in San Francisco in 2011 when I was attending and winning a lot of hackathons (HAPIHack, TC disrupt, AngelHack,...). Since then I've always been passionated by APIs, and worked on different mashups projects. I recently contributed to great the first API search engine with 3scale: APIs.io. I have been utilizing Javascript intensively for the last two years, building apps using Meteor and Express.


  • Building Hypermedia APIs in Javascript
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
There is currently a major shift sweeping over the software industry. With each passing day the world is becoming more and more API-driven. When building an API there are many design options and Hypermedia is the new emerging way of designing APIs. Hypermedia APIs are widely used by companies such as Paypal and Amazon. In this session I will discuss the principles of Hypermedia APIs and the different ways to implement one in Node.js. I will first introduce you to a basic implementation using Express and then move on to a more advanced solution using a dedicated framework: Fortune.js. I will also share my experience of building APIbunny (http://apibunny.com), an API-driven easter game.