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Interactive Developer Nathan Bingham loves building things on and around the web. He's worked on a wide range of web-based products and experiences that include systems that collect and help analyze social data, web-based games and cutting-edge demonstrations of web-based technologies. His work includes projects for brands like Chase, Microsoft and the NBA. His current interests include almost anything JavaScript-related and standards-based web development. Nathan is a Lead Interactive Developer at digital agency Bradley and Montgomery.


  • Building games for big Brands
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Join us for a discussion on partnering with big brands to design and build video games with the purpose of raising product or announcement awareness. The focus of this session will be on the work Bradley and Montgomery did with Microsoft's Internet Explorer team to launch the Bored To Death arcade game alongside Internet Explorer 9, and Escape From XP alongside the decommission of support for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.

Along with the launch of Internet Explorer 9 and its inclusion of HTML5 features, Microsoft wanted an interesting way to show off the browser’s newfound power. The idea was to build a physical arcade machine to take to events and after players enjoyed the game, the big reveal was that inside there was just a Windows laptop running the entire game from a tab in Internet Explorer without any plugins. BaM broke new ground by rapidly building an HTML5 arcade-style brawler called Bored To Death, and later updated the game to also include a WebSocket based multiplayer version so anyone around the world could team up to play together.

When Microsoft chose to end support for one of its most venerable operating systems, Windows XP, as well as for Internet Explorer 6, they turned to BaM to conceptualize and produce a game that would demonstrate the HTML5-based power of the modern Internet Explorer, yet let players feel nostalgic for XP-era graphics.

BaM produced the idea of Escape from XP, a fun, web-based video game that celebrates and brings closure to the end of support for Windows XP and IE6, encouraging users to upgrade to the latest version of Windows. In Escape from XP, you are the last web developer in the apocalyptic world of Windows XP seeking to destroy support for IE6 and XP once and for all. A classic 2D side scrolling king-of-the-hill style game, you fend off endless waves of mutated XP icons, in an attempt to end XP. See it here - https://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools#escape-from-xp

Session attendees will leave with knowledge about not only how to brainstorm and create ideas that work for big brands, but also how to implement them fast using HTML5 technology.