• Michael Mikowski
  • Sr. Director UX Engineering Qualaroo
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Mike is an accomplished manager, developer, and product designer. He is the co-author of the Manning book, Single Page Web Applications - JavaScript End to End (http://manning.com/mikowski). He has written JavaScript since its introduction, and created his first Single Page Web Application [SPA] in 2007 for the US and European AMD shopping sites. He has 3 plugins published on the official jQuery site, with more on the way.


  • Dump SASS and Less CSS for JS powered CSS
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-133
Don't pre-compile dozens of StyleSheets with thousands of useless styles. Instead, have your SPA create a single custom stylesheet for EVERY ONE of your millions of customers based on page, site, device, zoom, pan, screen-size, demographic, geographic location - or any other data your JS App can access!

With this technology we can now deliver an entire rich web application with a SINGLE file that includes logic, styles, images, HTML and content. This subject should be exciting for both business visionaries and web-tech junkies.

Dyanmic CSS has been a problem because cross-browser support has been weak as have manipulation tools. However, due to some pressing business requirements, we recently revisited JS-powered CSS, invested quite a bit of R&D, and found it could actually be well executed on most modern browsers. We now exercise full programmatic control over our web application's graphical presentation and deliver only a single JS file for our application.

Discussion highlights include:

* Using a utility to implement fully programmatic CSS control
* Cross-browser challenges and how to overcome them
* Using a hierarchy of styles for theme generation
* Packaging and delivery strategies
* Stylesheet double-buffering and why it is important

These techniques are new but compatible with the techniques and best practices set forth in my best-selling book, Single Page Web Applications - JavaScript end-to-end.