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Leonard Daly is an independent IT consultant and owner of Daly Realism. His consulting work is providing business opportunities using Internet technologies. The current focus is on web-based 3D graphics, mobile access, and cloud computing/storage. He is co-chair of the Extensible 3D (X3D) Working Group at Web3D Consortium and is the Consortium’s liaison to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). As co-chair he is leading the effort evolving X3D to be fully compatible with HTML5 on all platforms - from mobile to desktop. Together with Don Brutzman he is coauthor of the award-winning book X3D Graphics for Web Authors, published April 2007 by Morgan Kaufmann.

Leonard was an early adopter and proponent of the Internet as a means to share information and collaborate on work to produce results unattainable by co-located teams. Daly Realism has developed several web applications for small businesses that securely store and retrieve confidential information in multiple formats. Leonard has presented many Web3D and SIGGRAPH Conferences on X3D topics. He is currently working on a open-source web-based application for handling dynamic 3D information. He is a founding member of the Los Angeles Symphonic Winds and has traveled the world, most recently China with the band.


  • Driving Evolution of the 3D Web
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X3D is the declarative standard for displaying 3D content over the Internet. The JavaScript application X3DOM displays X3D formatted content in your browser without a plugin or any installed software. It takes X3D declarative code embedded with the HTML and handles all of the low-level graphics interfaces to provide a seamless and smooth 3D interface on the page while providing a developer a DOM interface to the 3D content. X3DOM application runs in all (recent) browsers on all platforms.

Leonard Daly will show you how to build a simple X3D world and interconnect it with the content on the rest of your page using HTML-like tags and JavaScript. Attend this talk and learn how adding a few simple lines of HTML to your page brings you to a new dimension of the web.