• Ken Struys
  • Tech Lead Yelp Inc.
  • Twitter

Ken has spent 3 years at Yelp rebuilding a significant number of pages of Yelp.com including the homepage, search and signup flow. He has a solid understanding of how to develop complex web application at scale. Ken has also spent a lot of his time building Yelp’s web testing infrastructure to ensure the features he and his colleagues build never break.


  • Scaling Selenium Testing at Yelp
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-130
When a software project approaches the scale of yelp.com, manual testing in many browsers is a tedious task. In this talk we'll show you how you can use Selenium Webdriver to automate manual testing of JavaScript features and ajax applications. By the end of the talk you’ll have the necessary tools to automate testing of your projects using the python selenium library.