• Jon Abrams
  • Lead Software Engineer OUYA
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Jon Abrams is the creator of the Node.js web framework Synth. Synth is the first back-end framework designed for serving Single Page Apps.When Jon isn't working or tinkering on Synth you can find him playing pinball or climbing. He's currently the 6th highest ranked pinball player in the Bay Area.


  • Server side templating or front-end templating? Get the best of both!
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-133
Traditional back-end web frameworks like Rails, Django, and Express render template on the server side while newer front-end web frameworks like AngularJS and Ember.js render templates in the browser. Both have their pros and cons.This talk will go over the pros and cons of both systems, as well as how to combine them to get the pros of both, without the cons.