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Jillian is a software engineer for Nickelodeon where she is currently working with the rest of the Nick web redesign team to build an awesome new nick.com with node.js! She joined the team in January while finishing up her master's degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. When she's not writing code, she enjoys long walks with her corgi puppy and making delicious baked goods in her food lab :)


  • Don't do _this at home: best practices for managing function scope
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-133
One of the first issues that people run into when starting with ajax calls is manipulating data returned on success and using it outside the scope of the callback function. In this talk, I'll go through my evolution from using _this = this; to make functions local to my module visible to my callback functions to using functions like $.proxy and _.bind to manage scope cleanly without the need for useless scope variables. My goal is to show people who are new to javascript a practical guide to understanding scope and illustrating not only why it is important to understand the scope of your functions, but what can go wrong if you don't.