• Jeff Burtoft
  • Web App Advocate Microsoft
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Jeff Burtoft is a Web App Advocate at Microsoft and a devoted supporter of the JavaScript/HTML5 community. He loves Web Standards, JavaScript and 1980’s skateboarding videos. Additionally, Jeff is co-author of HTML5 Hacks (O’Reilly Media) and is a founding blogger of html5hacks.com. Jeff can be found on twitter @boyofgreen.


  • Behold the power of the “Web App Manifest”
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-133
How do we get the best of both worlds by merging the Web we love with the apps our users demand? From “Hosted Apps” to “Packaged Apps” and everything in between, the Web App Manifest can birth true “Web Apps” into reality. But why hasn’t the web yet been transformed? Today’s Web App Manifest seems simple and passive at first glance, but when explored, holds the keys to the future of the web. Jeff will help us truly understand the Web App Manifest and key supporting specs, how the manifest can benefit our apps today and where it can (and should) lead us tomorrow.