• Jaswanth Sreeram
  • Research Scientist Intel Labs
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Jaswanth Sreeram is a researcher at Intel Labs where he works on Parallel JavaScript. His interests include programming languages, compilers, parallelism and he is deeply excited by how these fields can come together to make the web better. He received his MS and PhD degrees from Georgia Tech.


  • Parallel JavaScript: A High-Level Parallel Programming Model for the Web
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-133
Parallel JavaScript provides web developers with a safe, high-level API that allows them to write applications that effectively utilize multi-core and SIMD parallelism as well as GPUs while preserving the programmability and portability of JavaScript. Parallel JavaScript is available in Firefox Nightly today and is being actively considered for standardization as part of the next version of the JavaScript language. This demo will introduce Parallel JavaScript API and highlight the leaps in performance that are possible in representative web applications.