• Jafar Husain
  • Technical Lead Netflix
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Jafar Husain is Netflix's Cross-Team Technical Lead and has 16 years of experience in the industry. He's currently a member of the TC39, the Javascript standards body designing the next version of JS. He specializes in building web servers and clients using functional reactive programming, and was the first user of the Reactive Extensions Framework. He's also the architect of Falkor, a RESTful data access framework that powers most Netflix clients. A highly-rated speaker, he has spoken about reactive programming at HTML Dev Conf, YOW!, QCon, CodeMesh, and given Channel 9 interviews on the subject. He has also authored interactive training software to help developers learn about functional reactive programming.


  • Version 7: The Evolution of the JavaScript
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-135
Many web developers are already familiar with JavaScript 6. Maybe you are already using a transpiler and have gotten a glimpse of how much easier JavaScript development can be with features like arrow functions, generators, and destructuring. You may be surprised to learn that JavaScript 6 is only the beginning. The committee is already hard at work on JavaScript 7, and it's not too early to get a glimpse of some of the features being proposed. While version 6 brought JavaScript to parity with other popular scripting languages, version 7 may introduce powerful new features never seen in a popular programming language. Some of these features have already appeared in modern browsers, and it's not too early to start playing with them. Come glimpse into the future and start thinking about how to write forward compatible JavaScript applications today.