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Agile Software Engineer @ eBay Europe

Specialized front end web engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for solving problems.

Particularly interested in web and mobile companies with high user reach, creators of new markets which have excellent motivated technical teams.

Competitive engineer with team spirit. Won multiple programming awards. Speaks 5 languages and has lived in three countries. Values quantitative data-driven solutions. Likes to build things and is always looking for the next big thing.

As a JavaScript expert, Francisco is able to implement, in structured code, any interface required for a project, even if it’s usability demands complex algorithms or uncommon data structures to be achieved. With a Masters in Informatics Engineering he is not limited to the front end, being easily adaptable to work in multiple parts of an application, effectively making him a Full Stack Engineer.

At the start of his professional career he created his own startup (IQS-Quality Software, Lda.), which kept him busy working as the technical lead of his team. After three years he decided to join a Luxembourgish startup (Trendiction) where worked as a Software Engineer. Currently an Agile Engineer at eBay's European mobile web team in London.


  • Mobile Web, merging adaptive and responsive techniques
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-134
The aim of this talk is to explain how the responsive web development lives within adaptive. By using simple techniques and highly specialized widget's we can avoid the use of frameworks (i.e: bootstrap, suzy, etc.) that add significant code debt.

The multiscreen (desktop + mobile) is already here, and the focus on maintainability and re-usability is now greater than ever. While building responsive pages we should attempt to have every responsive widget to always be nestable inside any other widget.

I intend to share techniques and lessons learned while developing highly optimized responsive front ends at eBay ( i.e.: http://deals.ebay.co.uk )

This is talk is mostly about how to structure and build HTML and CSS in order to make the code extremely modular, re-usable, and testable while providing a beautiful experience to millions of users.