• Erik Beeson
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Erik began at Sun Microsystems at the age of 17 where he designed and implemented Enterprise Java Web Applications. Since then he's contributed to numerous open source projects including WebWork (now Struts 2) and jQuery.

Currently, he builds rich frontend-driven web applications and advocates for RESTful API design.


  • Advanced Firebase: Querying, Indexing, and Security Rules
  • Time: TBD | Room: N-124
(note, while I have quite a bit of production experience with Firebase, I have no professional association with the company and this talk is in no way intended to be a 'sales pitch' for their services)

This presentation will explore advanced Firebase usage for building a production web application with client-side JavaScript. Over the course of the presentation, I will take the shell of an application (dumb pages) and get it online and production-ready by employing the following techniques. Topics include:

1) Querying
How to implement the most common types of queries that appear in web applications using the Firebase query interface, and how to structure data for optimal querying.

2) Indexing
How to appropriately denormalize data to facilitate data retrieval and security rules.

3) Security Rules
How to breakdown the data structures and associated security rules to facilitate access control and schema integrity enforcement. Includes usage of the Blaze Security Rule Compiler for simplified security rule generation.

While this talk is intended for advanced audiences, the basic concepts of Firebase will be briefly reviewed. Understanding of basic JavaScript Web Application development is required.