• David Catuhe
  • Senior Program Manager Microsoft
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David Catuhe is driving HTML5 and open web standards evangelization for Microsoft. He defined himself as a geek. He loves developing with JavaScript and HTML5 but also with DirectX, C#, C++ or even Kinect (He wrote a book about it which is available on Amazon). He is the author of Babylon.js (www.babylonjs.com) and hand.js (handjs.codeplex.com). You can find his blog on MSDN: http://aka.ms/david. He can also be reached with Twitter: @deltakosh


  • Using Typescript in a big open source project
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-134
One year ago when I decided to sacrifice all of my spare time to create Babylon.js. At that time, Typescript was not enough robust so I decided to use plain JavaScript language. But today things have changed and I will show you during this session how and why Typescript can be used as main language for an open source project