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Courtney Hemphill is a Partner and Tech Lead at Carbon Five in San Francisco, CA. Over the past 10+ years, Courtney has worked on teams of developers and designers using full stack technology on web and mobile projects for clients including SFMOMA, Skype, Sharethrough, and BookRenter. An outspoken advocate for integrating design processes into quick development cycles, Courtney and the teams at Carbon Five are focused on crafting applications that are tested automatically through code as well as through interactions with real customers. She also coaches and speaks about techniques that optimize this feedback loop. Courtney is involved in the organization of events for Carbon Five’s Tinderbox, Autodesk’s SOTP Innovation Series, Women Who Code and RailsBridge. She finds herself traveling often to speak and mentor at both design and development conferences such as SXSW, GOTO Chicago & Berlin, LUXr, and Tradecraft. Courtney also finds a healthy amount of time to unplug from the internets, traveling in search of the best rock climbing spots in the world, always returning to her primary stomping ground in Yosemite Valley.


  • Algorithms for Animation – 3 simple formulas to activate your UI
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
Animations don’t just make things look cool, they provide context and additional details. Animations give us a third dimension with which to communicate: time. The real world doesn’t move in a perfectly linear fashion and when we see things that do, it feels awkward and unnatural. With motion, the difference between dull and delightful often comes down to the math.This talk walks you through the fundamentals and simple formulas that describe all animation. With a playful introduction into interpolation, easing, paths and sequencing you will learn how to create a lot of effects with just a little code. We will also discuss how to make full use of new browser technology to generate cleaner, more performant, transitions with less effort.